A Democratic and Flexible School
* It is a school that focuses on students' conditions and needs.
On this basis the aims and objectives, the learning content
and organization and the classroom environment are laid down
in collaboration with the students.
* It is a school where adults take responsibility
to challenge students' learning.
This is based on an equal conversation, always showing respect
for students' background, experience and integrity.
Educational idea
* Challenging learning environment that gives life opportunities
for all students.
* Interaction between professionalism, interdisciplinary
and project training.
* Team cooperation about content selection
and subject related organization.
* IT integration in education.
* Students are to set targets for their own learning.
* The small school in the big one.
* Planning team decides about resources and economy.
* Flexible work periods and planning based on yearly standard
hours for a teacher and not hours per week.
* Flexible work units (large group, team, group, couples, individually).
* Structured and agreed information habbits and meeting habbits.
Physical environment
* Rooms furnished and equipped according to the education idea
and organization.
* Corridors converted to work areas.
* School Library will be teaching center and driving
on the flexible school.
* Special subject rooms serves as laboratory workshops.
* The community as an extension of the classroom.

Opdateret d. 26.11.2012