Education and Culture
We have worked with school development and management
in Denmark and Greenland.

Erik works now voluntary for The Children's Home, Uummannaq
and Uummannaq Polar Institute.

November 2015 an art book on Tikkili Pjettursson was published.

September 2019 an art book on Rockwell Kent in Greenland was published.

The books are sold to the benefit for The Children's Home.

Travel to Greenland
We are planning private trips to Greenland for friends.

Selection of a Danish sculptor to participate in the annual international
installation and sculpture exhibition in Bratislava - "Socha a Objekt" -
in collaboration with the exhibition leader Viktor Hulik.

· Steffan Herrik
· Niels Rahbaek
· Lars Waldemar
· Lis Andersen
· Torben Joergensen
·Ulrik Vintersborg
· Ole Videbæk
· Rikke ravn Sørensen
· Stefan Nilsson

European cooperation projects
Naestved municipality is Danish member of "The Charter of European Rural Communities"
on behalf of Næstved rural district.

As member of the Association "Friends of Europe in Naestved - Holmegaard"
we performed duties in relation to the Charter's purposes.

Summer Tour for "Friends of Europe" to Esch and Bièvre in 2008,
Summer Tour for "Friends of Europe" to Cashel in 2010,
Summer Tour for "Friends of Europe" to Cissé and Paris in 2012,
Summer Tour to Bucine in 2014.

Work for associations
Free preparation and maintenance of websites for friends and associations.

· Artifex Artist Colors
· Gallerie Dragehoej
· Inger Mehlum Ceramics
· Children's Home Uummannaq
· Uummannaq Polar Institute

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